from the 10th of March 2021
In the month of March I was given the opportunity to contribute two issues to the "ON-podcast". I recorded talks about ways of working creatively with the visual artists Liv Schwenk and Klaus Findl. Find the podcast → here at the bottom of the page.

6th of April 2021, 4 - 9 p.m.
The Secret of Life
Vernissage of an exhibition of musical sculptures I built with Vera Lossau. Artothek, Cologne (near the cathedral), exhibition until 24th of April, opening hours and conditions: see → artothek homepage.

6th of May 2021, evening
Vibration Celebration
Duo with the dancer In-Jung Jun, who dances and plays the "Bara", a pair of korean cymbals. I join her with a piano re-tuned to fit the frequencies of the Bara. Café Ada, Wuppertal, as part of the → Festival Tanz NRW.

21st of May 2021, 7:30 p.m.
Concert with music by Johannes Fritsch and new works by Oxana Omelchuk and me. Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg - Viola / Viola d'Amore, Rebekka Stephan - cello, Constantin Herzog - double-bass, Florian Zwissler - electronics and microtonal harmonica.

Pentecost 2021 (23. / 24. of May)
All Improvisers Orchestra
Premiere of an ensemble formed by nearly all "improvisers in residence" from the year 2008 until now, live at the → moers-festival.

5th of June 2021, evening
Variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico
Clarence Barlow wrote this piece for a pianist and a mechanic piano in 1986. The composition itself is harmonically and metrically based on Beethoven's Opus 111 Arietta. Live at the Domforum Cologne, close to the cathedral. Part of the BTHVN-project by ON - Neue Musik Köln.

20th of June 2021
Premiere of a musical theatre piece about trees and the forest. With Rie Watanabe, Oliver El-Fayoumy, members of the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker and me on stage, under the direction of Tina El-Fayoumy. Music by Robert Schumann and me. 11:00 a.m., → Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

11th of September 2021, 6 p.m.
Vom Dasein, Gehen und Bleiben
Concert with organ music and songs by Eric Satie, Federico Mompou, François Couperin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Hubert Giraux, Rio Reiser, Funny van Dannen, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Maurice Ravel. Live @ Kreuzkirche Horrem, Mühlengraben 10 - 14, 50169 Kerpen.

29th of October 2021
Ah, very good!
Simon Rummel Ensemble live at Künstlerverein Walkmühle Wiesbaden, playing a new joyful programme of music.

November / December 2021
In den Klang hineingehen
Exhibition of my music-sculptural works at Künstlerverein Walkmühle Wiesbaden. The venue is still being renovated, so the exact dates of this exhibition are not fixed yet.