November 26th
Trumpet and Organ
Duo with composer and multi-instrumentalist Matthias Schriefl at Petruskirche Lichterfelde, Peitz, Brandenburg.

End of October, evening
En l'honneur de André Torreilles
"Spectacle" inspired by the life and works of André Torreilles, painter, poet and dancer. With Soledad Zarka and members of the "Compagnie Marie est de la nuit". Salle Arago, Avenue du Dr Torreilles, Estagel, France.

October 3rd
Vibration Celebration
Duo performance with the dancer and choreographer In-Jung Jun.
Seoul International Dance Festival, Seoul, Korea.

September 6th, 7 p.m.
Orgel und Elektronik
Concert with Dominik Susteck (organ), Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (elecronics) and me (tone generators, church bells).
Works by Susteck, Hagedorn, Ketonge and me. Tersteegenkirche, Cologne-Dünnwald (Skinnywood).


August 2nd - 7th
Sonates à portes
"Duo domicile" with Soledad Zarka (tuba / clarinet / voice) at the festival "Les jours du théâtre", we visit people's homes and play for them. All over Estagel, France.

JUNE, 19th, 22:30
Premiere of a site specific performance piece by Bibiana Jimenez, with Daniela Riebesam, Josefine Patzelt and Thoung Phuong - dance, and Oxana Omelchuk, Carl Ludwig Hübsch and me as singers.
19:30, patio of the Kartäuserkirche (Kartäusergasse 7), 50678 Köln

JUNE, 17th, 22:30
Microtonal Harmonica
Night concert with one of my self-built microtonal instruments, at the festival "Potenziale", in Kalbe / Milde